A Time Clock on any Computer

Time Clock MTS is perfect if you need an employee time clock on one or many computers in your office. Track attendance for up to 500 employees, configure flexible overtime rules, accrue holidays and sick leave, and record time spent working on jobs. It includes dozens of time clock reports that can be generated in seconds and exported easily to other systems.

Time Clock MTS is easy to set-up and a snap for your employees to use. It's simple to share information across your network to streamline and improve your payroll process. Our time clock software will pay for itself in just weeks through better payroll accuracy and lower administration costs.

More than a Time Clock

Time Clock MTS is much more than a simple employee time clock. It has tools that will improve most aspects of your employee attendance processes. It can automatically calculate holiday and sick day accruals / balances and includes an employee leave request system. Payroll can be improved through the use of customisable overtime rules, and multiple employee pay rates.

Time Clock MTS includes a powerful reporting system with dozens of useful reports for tracking all manner of employee related business expenses. It also includes comprehensive data import and export systems so you can easily share data with your accounting system, HR software, or payroll program.

Eliminate Payroll Fraud

Some studies estimate that fraudulent employee time cards account for between 5% and 10% of total payroll costs. Time Clock MTS contains a number of features to help you eliminate employee time card fraud, falsified timesheets, and buddy punching. The most effect of these is to use Time Clock MTS with a fingerprint scanner to ensure an employee's identity when they clock in or out.

Other security features include capturing employee images as they clock in and out, our own dedicated and secure internet time server, computer system time locks, and an employee PIN system. Time Clock MTS also includes a 100% audit trail so you can track the history of all time punches.