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To help employees who want to use an online time clock calculator we’ve created two different tools that are freely available on the global Time Clock MTS Website. The first is a weekly time clock calculator. The second is a biweekly time card calculator. Each time card calculator allows an employee to enter a daily clock in time, a clock out time and the time taken for any breaks. Notes can be entered for each day. The calculators will automatically total up the total time worked for each day (less any breaks) and give a total time worked for the calculator period. Both the weekly and bi weekly time clock calculators can be printed directly to an Adobe PDF file which could be printed or attached to an email.

These free time card calculators are useful for recording a weekly or two week timesheet but a comprehensive employee time card program like Time Clock MTS will provide a much greater benefit to any business. Time Clock MTS allows you to use any computer with Microsoft Windows on it as an employee time card station, it will store as much data as you need, and can provide you with many different time card reports for any time period in just seconds. Time Clock MTS also provides a level of security that any manual time clock system can never hope to replicate. It can require employees to enter a PIN when clocking in or out, can take an image of them with a webcam when they clock in or out, or give the ultimate in security by requiring employees to scan their fingerprint to confirm their identity.  Time Clock MTS can help your business in many areas other than just simple attendance monitoring.  You should take a look at software features page to read about some of the other things that Time Clock MTS can do for you.

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